Coffee Is Life

So You Want to be a Coffee Pro?

If you are considering getting into the coffee business, whether as a shop owner or barista, seeking qualified advice is detrimental. I have already made my mistakes as a barista, roaster, retailer, baker and coffee shop maker. With a strong desire for a positive coffee experience among coffee professionals and baristas around the nation, I'd like to share with you my knowledge of opening, equipping, and running a profitable business of making great coffee and the making of a great barista.  Cafe Consultants is the only coffee consultants in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. We come to you with 15 years of experience in an ever-changing industry.

Get Qualified Advice

My name is Tony DiCorpo. I own Troubadour Coffee Roasters, a coffee bar and micro roastery, Bella Verde Coffee Traders, a green coffee importer and wholesale roasting company and Cafe Consultants, a training and consulting company for the coffee industry in Fairview Park, Ohio. I have over 15 years of experience as a coffee shop owner, roaster and barista & 9 years as a coffee consultant. Not all of those early years were good. Unfortunately, I chose to get qualified industry advice after my first shop was opened for a year and failing miserably. That was a big mistake and it cost me a lot of money. Don't make that mistake.

Don't Make Common Mistakes

I have made many mistakes but you don't have to. Are you in love with your prospective location? What is your counter depth?  Sure that grinder or espresso machine is a good fit for your shop? What grade coffee are you planning on serving? How hard should you tamp? What temperature is your milk you just textured for that latte? I can help you learn your barista technique and define and implement your vision of getting into the coffee business. 

Don't Be a Statistic

Over half of new businesses fail in the first year alone; That's over a 50% failure rate. New retail food service businesses have an 80% failure rate. There isn't any official statistics for coffee business failure but we have to assume it falls somewhere in between. Even 50% is drastic! Yes, this business is quite tricky! Having experience and knowledge on your side will drastically improve your chances of success. Let me help you turn your vision into a reality. 

Already in the Business?

I can help you fine-tune your barista techniques. Having profitability issues? Customers not happy with your quality? Buying an established coffee business? I can help! Don't waste time and money. Let's start a dialogue to get you on the right track! Do yourself a favor and contact me here.